Suggested posts and targeted ads in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. feed are common place anymore. I get it; its how social media sites monetize.  I usually gloss over them, but today a suggested post for,  reMarkable – the paper tablet, caught my eye.  The idea is this minimalist e-ink tablet replaces your notebooks, sketchbooks, and possibly even your e-reader.  My initial reaction is that this is a pretty cool idea.  At work I have a couple of notebooks that I use and I scribble notes on the back of printouts all the time that ultimately end up scattered across my desk.  Having a tablet to take and organize notes would be a perfect solution.  I’ve tried apps like Evernote, but unless I have my laptop it doesn’t help much.  Even if I had a tablet, I would still need a keyboard to effectively take notes.

The downside of reMarkable is the price.  The current offer is $379 for a pre-order bundle that includes the tablet, a stylus, and a folio cover.  Regular price is $529 just for the tablet and $79 for the Marker.  For that kind of money, you could buy a 9.7 inch iPad Pro or Surface Pro and get a lot more features.  ReMarkable doesn’t have a browser or use apps and the reMarkable team sees the lack of features as a benefit.  You can work, read, sketch, whatever without the distraction of notifications from other apps.  It doesn’t get any more simple than a piece of paper so it makes sense to create a simple replacement, but not for that price.  I’d love to get my hands on one to see how paper-like it really is.  Assuming it lives up to the expectations, the price would need to drop to more like $200 for me.

The reMarkable tablet is expected to start shipping in August.


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