The Dash

I’m a terrible friend.  A couple weeks ago my friend Jet asked me to write a review for his upcoming independent movie, The Dash.  Jet is an all around good dude and one of the nicest and happiest people I know.  Of course I wanted to check out his movie, but the thought of writing a review was a little intimidating.  I don’t consider myself a movie reviewer.  Like most people, I enjoy a variety of things and sometimes I write about them.  With it being the holiday season, I procrastinated.  But with a few days off of work and a run time of just under 52 minutes, I decided it was time to watch The Dash.

“Whenever we eventually get our gravestones, you have the year that you were born and the year you died and all the good stuff happens in that little dash.” – The Dash

In what started out as a joke five years ago, Jet started filming his friends as they hung out, partied, and played jokes on each other.  The Dash is a compilation of those candid moments.  I tend to be dismissive of reality TV.  I don’t care what the housewives of whatever county are doing, who did or didn’t get a rose, or who can sing.  Not all reality shows are trashy and ridiculous, however.  The Dash works because it has the advantage of perspective and a destination for the viewer even though it feels random at times.  Intermingled with what’s to come, you find yourself immersed into what life has thrown at this group of friends and the plot comes into focus.   Jet narrates the movie and points out, “the one thing about reality, it’s not always so funny.”

I don’t want to give too much away, but I would call The Dash a docudrama at its finest.  I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. The Dash is out now and you can watch it for free on vimeo here.


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