SNL is irrelevant 

I haven’t watched last night’s episode of SNL yet, but I already heard about Trump’s tweet about it. President-elect Trump is whining that SNL is making fun of him.  I tried to come up with a snarky tweet of my own but couldn’t fit my frustration into 140 characters or less.

Supporters are defending him by saying how irrelevant and unfunny SNL is. That line of defense only proves how childish he is acting. If SNL is irrelevant, then why does Trump care what they have to say about him?  Saturday Night Live has spent decades poking fun at presidents and politicians. It has been hilarious at times, and has fallen short plenty of other times.

You know what really isn’t funny? How easily Trump is provoked.  Do you think other countries haven’t noticed how thin skinned he is?  How is he supposed to lead, much less protect us, when he can’t even take a joke?  Of all the issues facing this country and he’s worried how he is being portrayed on a sketch comedy show.  It’s time for his staff to take away his tweeting privileges again.


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