Post election

I’ve tried to avoid social media in the days following the election.  I needed a break from the gloating and whining.  A Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that the majority of Americans (62%) believe Trump is unfit and doesn’t have the temperament to be President, which means there had to be some other compelling reason to vote Republican.  In my inconsequential opinion, the Supreme Court implications were underestimated.  People voted to secure conservative nominations to the Supreme Court more than they voted because they liked Trump.  Then again, polls haven’t been the most reliable source of information this election cycle.

While news outlets figure out how they got it wrong, anti-Trump protests have erupted.  I respect their right to protest although I don’t quite understand what they hope to accomplish.  Let’s be honest, there was going to be protests no matter who won.   It goes to show just how divided we are as a country.  We can debate the benefits and drawbacks of the electoral college like we seem to do every 4 to 8 years, but Trump will be our next President.  I’m not moving to Canada or anywhere else.  And of all places, why does everyone say they are going to Canada?  Are they afraid they’ll be put to work building the wall if they move to Mexico?  Nothing against our friendly neighbors to the north, but there are plenty of tropical locations that I would rather relocate to in protest.

During my short sabbatical, I’ve been binging on the HBO series, The Newsroom.  I’ve never watched it and a show about reporting news with integrity and ethics seemed like a nice departure from reality.  Plus, how can you not like the quick-witted dialogue of Aaron Sorkin?  It’s a cross between Broadcast News and Sports Night;  not that you need a review of a 4 year old show.

None of us knows what’s to come in the next 4 years.  However I think we can all agree that these Joe Biden plotting against Trump memes are winning the internet.





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