How much would you pay for history?

I previously posted about what makes someone a fan.  Watching Game 3 of the World Series, I wonder about the fans at this game. These people have been waiting 71 years for their team to be in the World Series and they are certainly paying for it. It’s like winning a prize, but then having to pay hidden fees. Congrats, your team is good. Now mortgage your life so you can afford to see them play. 

Tickets prices are thousands of dollars for the games at Wrigley.  The cheapest tickets on for Game 4 is $1,950 and $2,300 for Game 5.  And those are for standing room only!  Ticket prices are always inflated for the post season, but these prices are insane.  Even the bars in Wrigleyville are charging $100 and up just to walk in the door.

Is it worth it to say you were there?  Going to a World Series game is certainly a bucket list item, but there’s no way I could, or would, spend that kind of money on a baseball game.  




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