Marching band

Ben Hochman had a nice article on the Bands of America Super Regional competition in St. Louis last weekend.  64 high school marching bands from  13 states converged on the Dome at America’s Center to perform over a two day period.  The top scoring 14 bands make it to finals and get to perform again. I was able to watch 6 or 7 of the performances Friday night and they are all quite spectacular.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that these are only high school kids.

I was never in band in high school and generally bought into the “band geek” stereotype.  Now that my son is in band, I’ve witnessed first hand the hard work and dedication it takes.  I have nothing but respect for these kids.  They practice in the summer heat, before school, occasionally after school, they perform at football games, and either practice or compete nearly every Saturday in the fall.  It seems like they spend more time on the football field than the football team does.  You can’t help but cheer them on knowing how much time and effort they put in to a field show.



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