Cleveland doesn’t rock for @Marlins_Man

I have an irrational dislike for Marlins Man.  He’s the guy that wears the orange Miami Marlins jersey and visor you see at the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Kentucky Derby, or nearly every Sunday night baseball game on ESPN regardless if the Marlins are playing.  I don’t understand his need to be recognized.

He’s living the sports fan’s dream.  He has the means to not only attend the biggest sporting events, but he manages to buy the best seat in the house.  For a baseball fan like myself, that means I’m stuck seeing him sitting behind home plate on TV for 9 innings.  I understand he gives tickets away and is also very charitable, but you don’t have to dress like a cartoon character to do those things.  Why can’t he just be a guy that gives out free tickets to strangers and asks them to pay it forward?

He has essentially started a twitter war with the entire Indians fan base.  He says he was harassed at an Indians game and will not be attending any of the World Series games in Cleveland.  I could say that Cleveland isn’t a safe city and the fans are terrible, but no one would care.  Because he insists on being on camera for all of these sporting events and makes himself recognizable, he has made himself into something of a celebrity and is now experiencing the backlash for calling out Indians fans.

He would certainly save himself some money if he went to Cleveland instead of Chicago for the World Series.  According to TiqIQ, the average cost of a ticket at Progressive Field is $3,900.  A ticket for a potential game 7 could be $5,000.  The average cost for tickets at Wrigley for games 3, 4 and 5 are about $7,200 a seat.  That’s compared to an average cost of $1,600 a ticket last year in New York to watch the Mets and Royals in the World Series.  ESPN’s Darren Rovell has been tweeting what some people are paying for tickets:

Maybe Marlins Man will find some deserving Indians fans and give them free tickets for the games in Cleveland.  I’m just happy knowing we won’t have to see him behind home plate for those games.


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