Driving adventures

It has not been a very good week on the road for me. I started the week with a car tailgating me on the way to work.  As if it isn’t annoying enough having someone ride your bumper, they were honking at me as well.  There’s maybe a 20 minute window that could be considered rush hour each morning.  I can’t control traffic during that time and tailgating and honking only makes the situation more annoying.  If you’re going to tailgate me, I’m going to drive even slower.

On my way home the other day I was approaching bridge traffic where there’s construction.  Two lanes merge into one and for the most part it goes smoothly.  Everyone takes turns merging and traffic moves right along.  I left enough room for a car on my right to merge, but the car behind it sped up and tried to get in, too.  I kept going and speedy ended up behind me.  Looking in my rear view, she wasn’t too happy about it.  Maybe she was just singing in her car, but her hand gestures towards me seemed to suggest otherwise.

My oldest needed to be at the high school early this morning to prepare for a band competition.  I drop him off on a one-way street in front of the school and there is often a line of cars of parents dropping off their kids.  I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough and a truck zipped around me, flipping me off in the process.  It was an extremely careless thing to do on a narrow street that has parking on both sides.  Leaving a car length in front of me is not unreasonable in an area with lots of kids and parents walking around.  As we reached the end of the street he was in the left turn lane and I was next to him in the right.  I happily waved at him and he continued to give me the bird.

I let these incidents bother me more than I care to admit.  I understand people may be in a hurry for one reason or another or they are having a bad day, but it gets me riled up.  I shouldn’t take it so personally.  I’m guilty of making obscene gestures, too.  I’m sure we all feel justified in the moment, but what does it really acccomplish?  “Hey, here’s my middle finger. I’m mad at you!”  Speeding up, slowing down, giving people the finger. Regardless of who is right or wrong, these are dangerous games on the road. I can’t control the actions of others, but I can be more mindful of my own decisions.



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