Miranda Sings

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger has 4.5 million subscribers on her personal channel and then another 7 million subscribers for her character, Miranda Sings.  I never heard of Colleen, or Miranda, until she appeared on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee a couple of years ago.  She appeared as Miranda and I honestly couldn’t tell if it was an act or not.  Miranda is an awkward character that wears too much red lipstick, lashes out, mispronounces things, and generally mocks the idea of becoming internet famous.  Colleen has been on tour as Miranda and even wrote a book.  The next step is apparently a scripted Netflix series, Haters Back Off!, debuting today.

SNL has turned comedy sketches into full-fledged movies, but this is an 8 episode series making a leap from the internet to a more traditional platform.  It makes sense for Netflix because she already has a built-in audience from YouTube.  Likely if you’ve seen a Miranda video and found it to be annoying, I don’t imagine you’ll enjoy an entire series of the schtick.  I will probabky check it out but my expectation of being entertained is low. 







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