Election day is less than a month away.  The two major parties want you to believe the world will end if the other candidate wins.  I promise you the sun will rise on November 9th regardless of the outcome.  The years of demonizing each other have left us extremely divisive and with two candidates that no one really wants.

Everywhere you turn, we’re being told to vote.  It’s your civic duty!  I even got a Facebook notification telling me when the deadline is to register in Missouri.  Unfortunately, I think the campaign to encourage voting is missing a vital part.  Be informed.

We aren’t only deciding who will be the country’s next leader, but there are congressional races to consider, statewide office races, and local ballot measures that need your attention.  It’s these races that affect our daily lives.  You can see a sample of your local ballot that lists all the candidates and measures at  Don’t cast your vote blindly or even all for one party without doing your due diligence first.  Yes, you should vote.  But take the time to make an informed decision.


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