the itsy bitsy spider

I basically saved my five year old’s life yesterday.  We were waiting in the car for the bus to pick up his sister. He was buckled up in the back seat waiting patiently while I was in the front seat scrolling through my email on my phone.  Out of nowhere I heard a shriek from the back seat and look back to see him squirming and terrified.  There was a spider on the back of the passenger headrest directly in his front of his face.  By the way he describes it, it was the size of a softball and fire ant red.  In reality it was about the size of a fingernail and brown.  I didn’t want to smash it and have it fall in his lap, or worse, miss and let it get away.  I happened to have a piece of paper in the front seat.  I slid it under the spider and then flicked it out my window.  I can’t imagine if he freaked out like that while we were actually driving!


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