the Strumbellas

Last weekend we drove a couple of hours for a marching band competition.  An important aspect of any road trip is good music.  My go-to station on satellite radio is Alt Nation, channel 36.  They were playing sets from the Austin City Limits Music Fest and I heard the Strumbellas play live.  I already love their song, “Spirits,” but haven’t taken the time to listen to anything else from them.  I was impressed with what I heard and have been listening to them all week.   I figure if they were entertaining enough on the radio, imagine how good they must be in person!  I may have to go see them in December at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis.  The name of the venue alone makes me want to see a concert there.

Here is a YouTube mix of their music.  Aside from “Spirits,” “Shovels and Dirt” and “We Don’t Know” are my favs from the current album.


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