Cardinals and Cubs

This article by Joan Niesen for Sports Illustrated is similar to how I feel about the unbelievable season the Cubs are having.  Once the Cardinals are eliminated from the post-season race, I won’t be cheering for the Cubs necessarily, but I won’t be rooting against them either.  It reminds me somewhat of the 2004 Cardinals that won 105 games and then got swept by the Red Sox in the World Series, breaking the championship drought for Boston.  I know  anything can happen in the post season, but it really seems like the Cubs will put the goat curse to rest this year.  I’ll be happy for my Cubs friends if it happens, but I won’t be sad if it doesn’t.

I won’t go as far as Niesen and say deep-dish is mediocre.  I love deep dish!  Honestly, I love Chicago.  My wife and I spent some time there this summer celebrating our 15th anniversary.  We hung out at Navy Pier, walked Michigan Ave, ate Girodano’s stuffed deep dish and Italian beef at Harry Caray’s.  I went to my first game at Wrigley and watched the Cardinals beat the Cubs in the first game of what ended up being a sweep!  Chicago is a great city.  img_4371

As for the Cardinals, they are in a three-way tie for one of the two wild card spots as of today.  The Cardinals, Giants, and Mets ended yesterday with a 80-71 record.  With 11 games remaining on the schedule, St. Louis has a difficult road ahead.  They finish a three-game set with the Rockies today and then play three games at Wrigley this weekend.  They finish the final 7 games at home against the Reds and Pirates.  Given their home record this season (33-41), I almost wish the Cardinals finished on the road.    They have been the best road team in the league for a good part of the season, currently at 47-30.  If the season ends somehow still gridlocked in a tie, it gets a little messy.  It comes down to head-to-head records and then intradivision records, which the Cardinals have the advantage in both currently.  That means they could be hosting any tie breaker games or the wild card playoff game which isn’t necessarily an advantage for this team.  Regardless, it’s a fun time of year!



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