#WWWP5k Update

I kind of forgot about the Worldwide WordPress 5k until last night when I was scrolling through my recent posts.  I haven’t been slacking, it’s just been so busy that it slipped my mind. Last week I was doing a run/walk method, slowing building up my running time.   I went to the gym today ready to run, but not necessarily with the intention of running a full 5k.  I was running out of steam by the time I reached 2.5 miles, but figured I have gone this long, might as well go for it.  So I did.


I reached 3.1 miles in just under 27 minutes at a pace of 8:41.  I haven’t run this long in a long time, and it feels pretty good.  I’d still like to be able to run this distance outdoors rather than inside the controlled environment of the gym, but one step at a time.  After a three minute cool down, these were my final stats for the day:




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