First impressions with iPhone 7

l_10151578_001This is my third iPhone and the first time I’ve purchased one right out of the gate.  I’m upgrading from a 5s so I’m less concerned about the lack of design change between the 6 and 7.  It’s a much bigger difference coming from a 5s, a welcome one at that.  Add the new features of iOS 10 and it is the innovative upgrade that 6 and 6s users were hoping for, but didn’t quite get.
I’m not going to talk about the lack of a headphone jack because we all know it isn’t there.  Right out of the box, I love the black finish.  I’m not sure what the obsession is over the jet black, but the plain black looks very sleek.  Once I got the phone set up, the first thing that stood out was the home button.  It isn’t actually a button anymore.  Instead it’s a virtual button, using what Apple calls a “taptic engine.”  Vibrations are used to provide similar feedback as pushing a real button.  Users can choose from three levels of feedback within the settings menu.  Starting out, I’m using level 2.  Quite honestly it seems like a lot of unnecessary work was put into making a digital button feel like an actual button.  I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but right now it feels awkward.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I’m excited to see what the 12 megapixel camera can do.  The camera lens looks to be larger on the 7 than on my wife’s iPhone 6.  I feel like I need to have a case on the phone because of the camera bump.  I hate to make the phone bulky, but I’m afraid of damaging or scratching the camera.

I’m still learning the features of iOS 10.  iMessage was given a nice overhaul adding the ability to send animated gifs, doodles, and use of apps within iMessage.  I think the lock screen widgets are a nice addition and I enjoy the raise to wake feature.  Instead of having to push a fake button that feels weird, I can lift the phone to get a quick glance at my latest notifications.  I probably took a little too much pleasure in deleting the Apple stock apps. Even though the 7 starts at 32GB of storage, deleting unnecessary stock apps is something iPhone users have been begging for for years.

I probably could have gone with a 6s and kept the headphone jack, while still getting the benefits of iOS 10.  When upgrading, though, I prefer to start with the latest model in hopes of getting the longest life span out of it with future updates.  That’s what I tell myself anyway.  I’m most excited about having more storage, a better camera, and a new OS to play with.



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