Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2016

I more or less randomly decided to switch things up and use WordPress as my main host for my blog.  Same name, but a slightly different web address.  As I was setting things up, I came across a WordPress blog post about the Worldwide WordPress 5k.  Between Monday, September 19th and Sunday, September 25th join others for the 5k blogged about around the world.  Sounds fun, right?

I’ve recently lost my running mojo.  My goal had been to run a half marathon this fall, but I quickly got off track due to moving, having pneumonia, and a severe tooth infection.  Or maybe I’m just making excuses.  Either way, I’m not prepared for the half marathon next month.  I still want to do one, but I think the WWWP5k next week is a much more attainable goal.  I’ve been getting back into a routine of running at the gym and I think I can run a 5k by next week.  For now, that’s my goal and then I will slowly build from there.

Bloggers and runners (and walkers, joggers, and hoppers) of the world, unite!

Source: Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2016