Lenovo Yoga Book

I love reading about new gadgets.  If I had money, I think I’d spend all my time attending the different tech events like Google I/O, CES, Apple WWDC, and Disrupt.  That’s my idea of fun. This week is Europe’s big tech show, IFA.   Lenovo unveiled the Yoga Book.  It’s a 10.1-inch tablet with an attached flat panel that can be used as a writing surface or a keyboard.  You can use a stylus to draw or write on the panel, place a piece of paper over the panel and take notes with an actual pen while simultaneously capturing them digitally, OR at the push of a button it becomes a back-lit keyboard.  Could this be the end of physical keyboards?

There will likely be hesitation using the touch keyboard.  Like when people didn’t want to give up their Blackberry keyboards for a touchscreen keyboard.  What’s a Blackberry you ask?  Exactly!  I have a hard time typing in a traditional manner on an iPad.  It is more of a hunt and peck style when the keyboard is on the screen. Unless the keys provide some type of feedback as you type, I’m not sure how well I would like using this.   Lenovo announced the price for the Yoga Book will start at $499 and will come with Windows or Android as well as a Chromebook version.  Again, I need money for these things.

Exact specs and price on the Yoga Chromebook haven’t been released yet, but for $499 is it worth trying a virtual keyboard over getting something like the Pixel C, a 10.2 inch Android tablet that has a physical keyboard?  I’ve been eyeing the Pixel C already.  It’s no secret I’m a Chromebook fan.  There seem to be some solid choices in Chromebooks already in the Dell Chromebook 13, Toshiba Chromebook 2, and Acer’s newly announced convertible Chromebook R 13.  A convertible or a two-in-one tablet is likely the way to go with Google Play coming to Chromebooks.   For $500 though, I think I would stick with a standard, physical keyboard before making the jump to Lenovo’s touch pad.


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