#halfmarathon Update

I would love to be the guy that gets up at 5am and runs three miles, five miles, or maybe even ten miles everyday.  I’m not.  My alarm goes off at 6:15 most days and I typically don’t roll out of bed until at least 6:30.  I want to be a runner, but don’t have the motivation.  I’ve been pretty good at running three miles at the gym usually twice a week, but I’ve become a talker and not a doer.  As a way to motivate myself, I proclaimed I’m going to run a half marathon this fall.  I bought new running shoes and even got myself a Garmin watch to track my outdoor runs.  Unfortunately I experienced a bit of a setback recently.  I pulled, or at least strained, a leg muscle and decided I should take a break to heal.  I’m not officially training so it isn’t a huge deal, right?  Except that getting back into a routine sucks.  The good news is that I’m still about a month away from starting an official 12-week training program.  That reminds me, I need to find a 12-week training program.  Maybe I’ll never be the 5am runner, but I’m still going to tackle that half marathon.

A word on my Garmin watch.  I chose the Forerunner 230, which does not have the heart rate monitor.  I haven’t used it for an actual run yet, but I like it as an activity tracker.  While on vacation, it seemed to keep up with the wife’s Fitbit Charge HR in terms of number of steps.  I know I thumbed my nose at the idea of getting phone notifications on my wrist, but it is kind of convenient.  My phone is always set to vibrate and I don’t always feel it go off when it’s in my pocket.  It would be nice if I could customize the notifications for phone calls or texts only, but the watch vibrates with absolutely every notification and update on my phone.  That’s when it gets annoying.  A nice benefit is that you can download apps, widgets, and different watch faces from the Connect IQ Store.  So of course I downloaded the Back to the Future watch face!


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