The Martian

Something I’ve missed greatly: reading for pleasure.  Before starting my college career, I read quite a bit.  I would still try to squeeze in a novel between sessions, but it wasn’t always easy.  I enjoyed the breaks I had between classes and didn’t necessarily want to fill them with more reading.  To get back to my bookworm ways, I recently picked up The Martian by Andy Weir.  I’ve held off seeing the movie specifically because I wanted to read the book first.  If I see the movie first, I won’t bother reading the book.  Instead of focusing on the details in the book, I’ll be thinking ahead to what happened next in the movie and comparing it to how it plays out in the book.  It really takes away the build-up.

Despite the abundance of technical information and the endless optimism of the protagonist at every turn, I really enjoyed the The Martian.  As always the book is better than the movie.  I don’t know why I bother watching the movie because I’m always disappointed.  In this case, I picked up the movie only a few hours after finishing the book. The movie follows the book pretty well, but left out some of Watney’s best jokes.  Interestingly, Mars and Earth are currently the closest they have been since 2005 at about 75.3 million kilometers.  That certainly would have helped in getting Watney a resupply probe, but that wouldn’t have made for as good of a story.

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