Why aren’t you on Facebook?

It has been a few years since deleting my Facebook account.  I didn’t announce I was going to do it or make a big deal about it.  I just did it.  You get used to the, “Hey, did you see on Facebook?”  Most recently a coworker realized we weren’t friends on Facebook while she was attempting to tag me in some photos from a work outing.  I told her I’m not on the site and that usually suffices, but every now and again someone will ask me why.  I don’t have a good answer.  It’s not so much that Facebook has declared war on privacy or that they have been known to manipulate your news feed.  Facebook is a time suck.  I didn’t like endlessly scrolling through the seemingly happy posts from people I barely know.  It made me feel crappy about my own life.  But I realized I didn’t need validation from high school acquaintances and other people that are no longer a part of my daily life.  I figure real friends share big news and important information with each other before broadcasting it on the interwebs.  Plus I found the annual birthday wishes generic and annoying.  Enough was enough so I said no more.

Every so often I get the itch to rejoin.  Maybe it’s fear of missing out.  Now that I have more time on my hands, the itch has returned.  It doesn’t take a Social Media class to understand I should probably use the world’s largest social network to promote “my brand,” but it isn’t something I’m excited to get sucked back into.  Maybe it’s about finding the right balance and communicating with people outside of the confines of Facebook.  Not being on Facebook hasn’t had some revolutionary effect on my personal relationships.  I feel like that’s what people are really asking when they ask why I quit Facebook.  They want to know if I found the secret sauce to abandoning social media while still keeping up with everyone and everything.  Maybe I’m not in-the-know anymore, but I’m perfectly content using Twitter and Instagram for my social networking needs.  Family and actual friends know how to reach me and we have real conversations instead of simply liking each other’s status updates.


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