The sun is setting on Sunrise

I opened my Sunrise calendar app today and was greeted with a good-bye message.  Sunrise was acquired by Microsoft early last year and as of August 31st the stand-alone app will cease to exist.  It isn’t all that surprising.  Sunrise is a great calendar app and the functionality will no doubt be integrated into Microsoft’s Outlook app.

I keep the pre-loaded Apple apps bunched together on the last page of my home screen because I’ve found other developers that have made better use of the same apps.  Sunrise has been one of those apps for me.  My only complaint is the app icon didn’t show the date on it like the iOS calendar does.  I’ll give that to Apple, at least.  Otherwise I loved the ease of using multiple calendars on both my iPhone and with Chrome, and I’m sad to see it go.

After doing some quick research, the top calendar apps for iOS seem to be Cal by Any.Do, Calendars 5, and Fantastical 2.  While Cal is free, Calendars 5 is $6.99 and Fantastical 2 is $4.99.  For the time being, I’ll probably stick with the free Google Calendar app.

You can visit the Sunrise blog to see the farewell message.


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