A good day for a win

It was a good day to be at the ballpark.  After a shaky first inning, Adam Wainwright started to look like himself going 6.1 innings with 5 strikeouts.  It was a game that saw the return of hometown hero David Freese, since being traded after the 2013 season.  Freese pinch hit to start the 9th inning and reached base on an error, later scoring to tie the game.  In the bottom of the 9th, Matt Carpenter ended the game with a two-run home run, snapping a four game losing streak for the Cardinals against the Pirates this season.  It’s always fun to see a win, especially when it’s a walk-off!

My day started much earlier than that.  My oldest had a band trip planned for this weekend and needed to be dropped off by 7am.  The girls had plans to tour the Fox Theatre and see a matinee of The Sound of Music with their American Heritage Girls troop.  Since everyone else had plans, I decided to go to the Cardinal game with my youngest and invited my Dad to join us.  As much as I love sharing the game with my kids, I still enjoy going with the guy that shared it with me when I was young.  We got everyone where they needed to be on time and even had time to visit my big sister and nephew for a little bit before the game.

Thankfully Carpenter ended the game when he did.  By about the 8th inning some clouds had moved into the area.  A thunderstorm was moving in and I had to walk a few city blocks back to the car, with a 4 year old in tow.  The storm brought a reported 60mph wind gusts.  Walking down the street I had to pick up my son, put my head down, and quite literally push forward.  It was the craziest thing after enjoying a sunny, mild, but windy afternoon.  It was definitely a long day, but certainly a much needed break from the stress of chores, work, and wrapping up my degree.  We even made it on the big screen at the ballpark! #dadlife

A photo posted by Matt (@mbrown811) on May 7, 2016 at 7:18pm PDT



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