HP Chromebook 13

I’ve been a cheerleader for Chromebooks since purchasing a HP Chromebook 14 a little over two years ago.   I’ve been taking online classes for what seems like forever, and I needed a new laptop for my homework.  First of all, I love it.  I wouldn’t go so far to say that I’m a Google power user, but I’m well ingrained in the OS.  The Chromebook has great battery life*, doesn’t get hot, and the best part is that you’re online in a matter of seconds.  However it has its faults.  I have to use my Windows laptop to format my papers.  The online version of Word isn’t sufficient enough.  I’m more comfortable using Word on a Windows machine.   Chromebooks can’t print unless you set up a cloud printer.  As often as I need to print, I’m fine with plugging my printer into the Windows laptop to print.  Yes, I have to wait for the laptop to power up and run through the startup processes, but it eventually works.  The only other reason I keep the Windows laptop around is for my iTunes library.

HP announced the Chromebook 13, a more premium Chromebook.  The body is brushed aluminum, it has an Intel sixth-generation Core M processor, 16GB of RAM, and an estimated 11.5 hours of battery life with a $499 price tag.  It also comes with docking capabilities to use with external monitors and accessories.  My Chromebook 14 was a little pricey at $350 because I opted for more RAM and a larger hard drive.  I’m not sure I’m willing to pay $500+ for a laptop with limitations. It’s still half as much as the Pixel, but I wonder if they are starting to price themselves out of the market.  I want a quality laptop, but part of the draw to Chromebooks was the low price tag.  I don’t have a need to dock my Chromebook.  A much more intriguing idea is the rumor that Google is bringing Android apps and the Google Play store to Chromebooks.  Since 2014 Evernote and Vine, along with a handful of other apps, have been available on Chromebooks. Migrating the Android library of apps to Chromebooks could be interesting.  Assuming the move proves to be useful, then maybe I would opt for a $500 Chromebook.

*It had great battery life.  Recently it stopped charging.  As long as its plugged in, it works like normal.  It just won’t charge anymore.


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