My kid might be possessed

Every night before going to bed I check on my kids. I use the flash on my phone and peek into their rooms. It’s a piece of mind thing. Still breathing? Good. Now, I’m not a fan of horror films. Being scared isn’t entertaining to me. My youngest is four and sometimes talks in his sleep or he’ll sit up when I shine the light in his room. He doesn’t actually wake up, but I will go and lay him back down and cover him up.

Tonight while going through my usual routine, I found him sitting straight up on the edge of his bed rocking back and forth, completely asleep. I don’t know how long he had been doing it, but it totally freaked me out. If this were a scary movie, his head might start spinning or he would tell me to Get Out! in a demon voice. Thankfully after a few moments he rolled back and laid down. I may not sleep after being spooked by my own kid. But at least he’s still breathing.


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