I always find stories like this encouraging.  I started running a few years ago.  My motivation was largely based on health issues.  My cholesterol and triglyceride levels were through the roof, and my doctor put me on a statin medication.  Obviously I had to make changes to my diet and start taking exercise seriously, but I really didn’t want to be on medication in my early 30’s.  I’ve never been a runner or much of an athlete.  I started with a couch-to-5k plan using a treadmill at the gym.  It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but I was able to reach the 3.1 mile mark and in the process lost about 20 pounds.  More importantly, I lowered my cholesterol back down to normal levels and I was able to stop taking pills after only a couple of months.

I’m able to run 3 miles consistently now.  At times I’ve run for longer periods of time, and other times I’ve worked on running faster.  Last year I ran my first 5k race, the Luck of the Irish 5k, and finished with a time of 28:21.  I ran the same race this year and finished with a nearly identical time.  I was slightly disappointed because I thought I would do better.  I feel it’s time to create a new motivator so I’m publicly declaring I’m going to run a half marathon this fall.  The initial goal is of course to finish the race, but I would also like to do it under the two hour mark.  The Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series will be in St. Louis Oct. 15-16 and I will be ready for it.  In a few weeks I will finish my degree and can focus on training.  I will document my progress and that will hopefully help keep me motivated through the summer.


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