WayBack Pointfest

Growing up in the 90’s, I was a big fan of Candlebox.  I believe I’ve seen them live twice.  The first time was when they headlined Pointfest 10 in St. Louis in ’98. Unfortunately for them local favorites, the Urge, performed right before them.  Fans left en masse following the Urge’s set.  I had lawn tickets but since so many people left, Candlebox called for everyone to get closer to the stage.  All the people leaving worked out well for me because I had a better view of the show, but I’m sure it was a bummer for the band being the headlining act with only a few hundred people remaining.  The second time was not long after that in a tiny venue called the Side Door.  We had to walk through a restaurant to get to the back room where the concert was.  It was the craziest thing.  The room held maybe two hundred people, if even that many, but that is what made it great.  It was an intimate atmosphere and I lost my voice for days after that.

I bring all this up because Candlebox has a new song called “Vexatious” from the upcoming album Disappearing in Airports.  I looked up their tour schedule hoping I could see them live again.  They are playing in St. Louis on July 9th at Riverport.  Officially it’s called Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, but it will always be Riverport to me.  I love Candlebox, but that’s an awfully big venue for them.  Turns out they are playing the first ever WayBack Pointfest featuring other 90’s acts like 311, Local H, Fuel, Eve 6, and Alien Ant Farm.  I can’t decide if this is something to be excited about or not.  Lawn tickets are only $13.  I’d pay that to see a few 90’s one-hit wonders and a band I really like.  Plus, who knows, maybe the Urge will show up and clear the house again.


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