My kid got Steve Harvey’d

My son is a freshman and plays in the high school band.  I never learned how to play an instrument, but I now see how much dedication it takes.  My son was excited when he was recently chosen to perform in the symphonic band, the more prestigious band, next school year.  In order to maintain objectivity, the auditions were done blindly.  Unfortunately that didn’t prevent mistakes.  He found out Monday he made it and Wednesday he was called into the band director’s office. They explained they made a mistake and he wasn’t supposed to be on the list.  They are going to let him in anyway, but he needs to prove that he belongs there.

No one wants to be told that they aren’t good enough.  While I think the situation could have been handled better, it gives him a chance to make the best of the situation.  I know he will work hard and make sure that everyone knows he belongs there.  After all, Harry Potter wasn’t supposed to be in the Triwizard Tournament either.


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