Name 5 players from your favorite team

Does the school yard litmus test accurately measure if someone is a true fan?  I feel like it’s a logical test of fandom.  It’s one thing to say you’re a fan, but if you’re going to go as far as to say you’re a true fan and defend your team to others, it seems like you should at least be able to back it up by knowing the players. I’ve never felt that regurgitating stats on command, attending the most games, or owning every style of jersey meant that you were a bigger fan than anyone else.

But why does it matter?  Who am I to question someone’s passion for a team?  I think its because of the emotional connection we create.  There have been plenty of studies done on the subject. Science says being a fan makes us feel better, gives us a feeling of belonging, and creates a bond with others.  A quick search and I found a book by Eric Simons, “The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession.”  I need to add that to my reading list because I’m fascinated by the subject. Maybe because of the relationship we create with our favorite team is why we get offended by what we perceive as fair weather fans. It doesn’t matter how much memorabilia you own, how many games you attend, or how long you’ve been following a team, a true fan is someone that can be optimistic without being too much of a homer…and can name at least 5 players.


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