The Throne that is saving rock n’ roll

Last summer Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters broke his leg during a concert in Sweden.  Here’s the video. With a summer tour on the line, he sketched out a contraption, a throne if you will, that he could use on tour.  The light-up throne saved the tour and really changed the tour dynamic, in a good way.

With the Foo tour concluded and the throne all but forgotten, it has been called back into service.  Axl Rose broke his foot just as GN’R was about to kick off their Not in this Lifetime reunion tour in Las Vegas.  Rose showed up on stage in what looked a lot like Dave’s throne.  As if there could possibly be a second one in existence.  Axl thanked Dave during the show and the FF logo was later uncovered proving it was, in fact, the same throne.

Dave’s pain-killer induced idea of the throne is saving rock n’ roll, one injured musician at a time!


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