Worst fans in baseball

I’m not familiar with thrillist.com, but they ranked baseball fans from least to most offensive.  Basically, it’s a list of which team has the most obnoxious fans.  Not surprising the Cardinals are ranked #2 with the Dodgers as number 1, and Boston, the Yankees and Philly rounding out the top five.

Here’s the thing.  Cardinal fans did not crown themselves as the best fans in baseball.  Everyone knows you can’t nickname yourself.  Have St. Louis fans embraced the title?  Absolutely!  St. Louis is a baseball city.  Every fan base in every sport thinks they are the best and Cardinal Nation is no exception.  Players and coaches for all teams always recognize their fans as being the best.  Have you ever been to a concert?  Every night bands tell crowds that they are the best city or loudest and people love it.  

As I understand it, sports writers started the moniker.  In October 2000 when the Cardinals played (and lost to) the Mets in the NLCS, New York Post writer Brian Lewis wrote

As the NLCS began, the baseball world heard all about the supposed homefield advantage St. Louis has, how the best fans in baseball would lift the Cardinals to wins in Games 1 and 2, how the Redbirds would arrive at Shea 2-0.”  

I’m not saying Lewis originated the name.  It’s just an example of a non St. Louis writer using the name in print.  Teams that top this list also have the highest attendance, at least in recent years.  When you average 40k fans per game, there’s bound to be some jerks that make everyone look bad.  Mocking St. Louis fans has become a pastime within a pastime.  I can’t stop people from referring to Cardinal fans as being the best so why not embrace it?  It doesn’t make me any better or more passionate than a fan of any other team, but I am proud to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan.


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