Opening Day tease

I look forward to the start of the baseball season all winter.  I woke up yesterday morning to a twitter feed full of lineup cards, game notes, and pictures of immaculate green diamonds ready to be played on.  Opening day is
the beginning of endless possibilities.  Sunday afternoon baseball is nothing new, but I rushed home after church to consume as much of the first game of the season as I could.  And then…they take a day off.  It felt like a tease.  Here’s a taste of the season, but you have to wait for the rest.  It’s a long season and soon enough following the games will just be part of my routine.  There will be less rushing to catch a game as summer hits.  The immediacy and anticipation ramps up again in late August as the playoff picture takes shape, but it is still hard to beat that Opening Day feeling.  Baseball is back!

As for the game yesterday, the Cardinals lost to the Pirates 4-1.  You can point at the numerous injuries being an issue by not giving the Cardinals the best possible match ups, but it comes down to missed opportunities.  Wong came up empty twice with the bases loaded, but it’s only one game.  161 to go!


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