Bolt cutters anyone?

I don’t like yard work.  I understand that some people enjoy it.  People also choose to become dentists.  Some things just aren’t for everyone.  I have neighbors that have lush green yards and I can only imagine how much they cringe when they see the first dandelion sprout it’s sunny head from my yard, unrelenting in its quest for world domination.  It’s not that I don’t like being outdoors.  I can think of plenty of other outdoor activities that I would rather do instead of pushing a 21″ blade back and forth across the lawn.

I procrastinated as much as I could this morning, but I had every intention of mowing today.  That is until I realized I have no idea where the key to the shed is.  I have an aluminum shed in the back yard where I keep the mower and gas can.  When we moved in, there was an old, rusted lock hanging from the handle.  I never locked it because I didn’t have the key and it was so old I don’t think it would have locked anyway.  From a distance it looked locked and for a long time that was enough security to protect my clunky mower.  Sure enough someone got into the shed and stole my gas can last summer.  I can’t imagine they got very far with a two gallon gas can, but I understand desperate times call for desperate measures.  I was more disappointed that they didn’t return the can after emptying it.  Then again, thieves aren’t known for returning things.

I bought a new gas can and a new padlock for the shed.  Not long after the mower died.  It had been a workhorse that didn’t get the attention and care it deserved.  Even the weeds felt bad and temporarily halted their invasion.  Here I am today with a yard that is not quite yet overgrown and my new mower trapped behind locked doors.  I didn’t want to mow in the first place, but it bothers me that now I’m delayed in getting it done.  I don’t like yard work.


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