Top 10 Best Foo Fighters Songs by AXS

Obviously any list is going to be subjective unless you’re using some quantitative measure like total number of downloads. listed their top 10 Foo songs and I only mildly agree with it.

I have no problem with “Best of You” as number one on the list.  My favorite version of the song is from the 2008 performance at Wembley Stadium.  I’d share a link to the video, but apparently you have to pay to view that performance on YouTube now.  I’m okay with most of the songs on the list, except for “Big Me.”  They admit it is on the list because of the clever video.  I get it.  It was a fun video and the first of many for the band.  But I think it’s a stretch to list it as number 6 or even in the top 10.  Where’s “Walk” or “Long Road to Ruin” or “Something from Nothing”?  I’m sure my own preferences play a large role in this conversation, but it’s fun to debate.


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