Clubhouse Climate

A coworker, and Dodgers fan, mentioned he heard there was trouble brewing in the Cardinals clubhouse at spring training.  I doubt he was referring to the recent article by Derrick Goold about this very thing, but certainly worth entertaining.  I don’t put much stock into spring training games.  It’s exciting that the official season is just around the corner, but these are practice games.  They provide a glimpse of what to expect, but it is no time to push the panic button because the Cardinals aren’t winning games, or they are making too many errors, or they aren’t showing much power at the plate.

In the article Matheny mentions that in a meeting with the player leadership of Holiday, Molina, Wainwright, and Carpenter, some issues were addressed.  You have to wonder, what issues?  Maybe the arrival of Ruben Tejada two weeks before the start of the season has disrupted the balance in the clubhouse.  Maybe there’s a 1st base controversy brewing between Moss, Adams, and Holiday.  Maybe the young outfielders of Grichuk, Piscotty, and Pham are causing a raucous (can you describe the raucous?).  Or maybe it’s simply that 3rd base coach Jose Oquendo will miss the season due to knee surgery.

Or maybe it’s nothing.  ESPN ranked the Cardinals number 7 on their season preview.  Of course, they ranked the Cubs as number 1.  Regardless, the Cardinals are poised to have another good season as they defend the Central Division title.  I’ll be surprised to hear about any clubhouse issues once the season gets going.


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